SMS routes quality check

Measure the quality of your SMS routes in real-time

Run SMS tests on physical mobile devices worldwide.

Test your SMS routes by sending SMS to one of our test mobile devices all around the world. Detect fake routes, avoid them and save real money. Carry out performance testing via our web app with a user-friendly interface which gives you a full comfort of online monitoring in real time. Test your SMS routes to make sure your traffic is delivered!

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HORISEN Testing Platform

HORISEN Testing Platform is an end-to-end platform for SMS route performance monitoring and quality verification. The software efficiently detects and eliminates SMS fake delivery routes, helping you find and use only the best quality routes.

Monitor your SMS traffic in real time, 24/7. Measure delivery, availability and perform text message content check. Get an in-depth insight into your messaging traffic performance. Detect failures and eliminate them safely.

Ensure your Bulk SMS are being delivered on time in every country and with every operator. Check SMS delivery rates and route quality in minutes. Verify sender ID, SMSC and confirm that the text message content is displayed correctly.

You Don't have to invest in mobile phones and SIM cards all over the world. We've done this for you. Get access to real devices worldwide!

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Automated SMS Testing Software

Our platform has a user-friendly interface which allows you to perform any of your test requirements in minutes. The tool automates the entire testing process, providing you with real-time results on how all the elements performed during a test. Adjust your routing system based on the delivery on our phone test numbers.

The tool is built for SMS aggregators, carriers, MNOs, and SMS wholesale business in general, but it can be used by any company which needs to test the quality of SMS routes and end-to-end text message delivery.


Testing Platform enables you to check SMS routes in REAL-TIME and run tests on physical handsets WORLDWIDE.

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How SMS Testing Platform works?

The platform works through the test SIM cards connected to an Android application called SMS Reader. SMS Reader is downloaded to a mobile phone with internet connection.

The application works like this: SMS is sent from the testing platform to test SIM card. When the message is delivered, SMS Reader sends back the results which appear on the testing screen.

  • Check the sender (same or changed)
  • Check SMSC (is the route direct or not)
  • Check DLR (detect fake DLRs)
  • Check delivery time (if there is a significant delay, the route has a problem / "grey" route)

Stop paying for undelivered SMS traffic!