Stand-alone application for SMS routes testing

Easily integrate HORISEN Testing Platform with your own SMS gateway

Connect to your SMS platform with a single SMPP connection to send and schedule test messages from our user interface

HORISEN’s Testing Platform is a stand-alone application compatible with any SMS gateway. 

To integrate your system with HORISEN’S testing platform, simply set up one SMPP connection to your server and allocate a unique TLV, service type, prefix or gate ID to each supplier gate in the testing platform interface. 

When you choose a specific gate to test, the unique identifier will be added to the test SMS, based on which your system will properly route the message. 

The message is then directed to a physical mobile device that has our Android SMS Reader application installed. The app will send the route performance results back to the testing platform via the Internet, where you can see the full performance report for the route you chose to test.


Try combining HORISEN Testing Platform with our fully featured SMS Platform for seamless user experience and even simpler setup

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Get started with HORISEN Testing Platform

1. Create SMPP client account in your SMS platform and whitelist our IP address

2. Send us the SMPP parameters and we’ll set up the connection and send you your unique username and password

3. Upload your supplier gates with unique TLV, service type, prefix or gate ID into the testing platform via an .xlsx or .csv file

4. Set up routing rules in your system based on the defined unique parameters so that test messages are properly routed

5. Start testing your supplier gates

Stop sending SMS traffic over the unreliable supplier connections!