Test the quality of SMS routes

Fully-featured software for SMS routes quality check

Improve SMS delivery rates & reduce costs.

Test your suppliers with only a few clicks! When you regularly test supplier SMS routes, you can detect any issue that might cause you to pay for undelivered traffic. Easily prevent revenue leakage.

Testing Platform has all the necessary features to track any problem in SMS traffic performance. Detailed reporting gives you a full overview of every testing result and provides you with a complete set of information needed to identify any potential problem. Analyze the results and adjust routing for best traffic performance.


Powerful features for end-to-end SMS traffic delivery

1. Gate category filter

Pre-select the gate type (ss7, direct) to find the one you need quickly. If you have many suppliers, this filtering option will speed up the time-to-result!

2. Different test scenarios

You can make as many test scenarios as you need: by supplier, gate connection, country, or operator.

3. Multiple SMS templates

Use one of the hundreds of SMS templates in different languages and character encoding standards (GSM, Unicode, concatenated).

4. Schedule test

Perform the test in real-time (Run Now) or schedule to run once at a particular time, or to repeat based on your scheduling rules.

5. Test results via email

Forward testing results to an email. Just set up your mail server connection parameters, define the sender, and you’ll get test results right to your Inbox.

6. Visual problem mapping

Test results are delivered in a grid, but you can check each test message individually with a detailed visual presentation to map out the problem fast.

7. Detailed statistics

Sender ID, Action, Receiver, Operator, Country, SMSC, Gate, Supplier, Text, SMS Status, SMS Arrived, DLR Status, Fake DLR, Text Match, SMS Delay.

8. Custom rating

Set up your own rating points for each testing parameter to easily track SMS routes which perform best.

9. PDU decoder

Convert encoded SMS messages to see field values. Just copy/paste a PDU you want to decode, and the system will automatically show all field values (message text, PDU type, timestamp, SMSC, data coding).

SMS Testing Platform main benefits

  • Decrease operational costs
  • Increase revenue due to better delivery quality
  • Testing on real mobile devices
  • Low-cost SaaS solution
  • Routes/networks benchmarking
  • Real-time testing
  • 24/7 service monitoring
  • Full test automation

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