Test your SMS routes. Eliminate fake DLRs. Save money!

End-to-end SMS Testing Platform

Automated SMS supplier performance check.

Test your SMS suppliers for quality and reliability, and test if your SMS are being correctly delivered to our physical phone devices worldwide. Measure the sending quality of your SMS routes to optimize the routing for best SMS termination. The system generates a detailed report on how all the elements performed during a test. Identify potential problems before they have a significant impact on your operations.

  • Is the message delivered?
  • Was it a fake DLR?
  • Has SMSC been changed?
  • Is the route direct or not?
  • Are you sendign the traffic through the grey route?
  • Is the sender ID same as in original SMS?

Find out in just a few clicks!

1. Detect fake DLRs

Prevent losses by making sure your SMS traffic is delivered. Avoid routes with fake DLR.

2. Increase SMS delivery

Test SMS routes if they are meeting the industry standard of the highest SMS traffic delivery rates.

3. Save money

Improve your Bulk SMS traffic performance to reduce costs and increase revenue margins.

4. Detailed reporting

Detailed testing results will help you adjust the routing to avoid unnecessary costs.

5. Decrease costs

SMS supplier testing helps you locate any potential issue that might cause you to pay for undelivered traffic.

6. Real-time monitoring

Testing Platform is ideal if you need to monitor your SMS traffic in real time, 24/7.

Test your SMS supplier base and find out ...

  • if the SMS was really delivered to the handset
  • after how many seconds the SMS arrived
  • if the DLR received was real, wrong or undelivered
  • if the SMS was sent over a grey route
  • if the Sender ID arrived correctly or different from the original SMS
  • if the message content is the same compared with the original SMS
  • which SMSC was used for the SMS delivery

4 steps for best SMS traffic termination

Check the quality of your SMS routes in minutes.

The whole process goes through 4 easy steps.

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4

Define your test scenario


Select the SMS template


Run the test


Analyze results & locate the problem


Test SMS routes to make the best routing choices!